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The Coinsecure Team

We are a team of passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts
who have come together to build some amazing
products to make it easier for Bitcoin users across India.

Mohit is an angel investor and was one of India's earliest and largest miners. He is a hands on CEO and can always be found working on better ways to build on Blockchain tech. A global traveller, MK is very well known by several top members of the Community as a passionate force behind Bitcoin in India.

Mohit Kalra

Benson is an early adopter of Bitcoin, loves to code in Scala and has a deep understanding and connect with the eco-system. He can always be found tinkering with code or hardware. A 24/7 person, he is a very well known technologist across the Community.

Benson Samuel

Jincy is an early adopter of Bitcoin, amongst one of the first women to enter into the space. She has a critical role as she handles most of our Operational and Business challenges. She is extremely patient and guides the team and our customers with dedication.

Jincy Samuel
COO & Center Head

Dr Saxena is an early adopter of Bitcoin in India, a Scala expert, he has a deep understanding and connect with the blockchain eco-system. A Ethereum Contracts and Blockchain specialist, along with the ability to write awesome code, makes him a solid force for Coinsecure!

Dr Amitabh Saxena
Chief Scientist

Elizabeth is globally known as one of the best connected women in the Blockchain technology space. Passionate about Coinsecure and constantly moving things forward for the team, she is the force behind our Bitpay partnership, which makes Bitcoin payments, so much simpler for our users.

Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley
Global Business Development Head

Aman has a huge amount of positive energy that comes alive when he discusses Bitcoin. From handling our customer issues, to reaching out to Schools and several other institutions, he brings us new and innovative ways to reach larger audiences.

Aman Kalra
AVP Operations

Vivek is at the core of everything Coinsecure does. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin and handles many core responsibilities in terms of Tech Management. He is well known in the Bitcoin Community. He is also an Influencer for a Y-Combinator startup and he Tweets a lot!

Vivek K
AVP Tech

Our Extended Team

Vipul Kharbanda
Legal Consultant

Jayanand UC
Mobility Consultant

Our History

Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt. Ltd. was established in June 2014,
with Coinsecure focusing on charting out the next - generation offerings
for the Bitcoin eco - system in India.
The single motto of “Connecting India to Bitcoin”,
has helped us derive solutions for Bitcoiners in India.
Over the past years, we have been working on some explosive builds,
to enable the common masses on-board this journey of Bitcoin.

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